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Improving the Foster Care System

Improving the Foster Care System

  Michigan Fosters is proud to announce “Journey Home” located at the corner of 8th & Hope in Holland. This initiative has the potential to change foster care in Michigan. By creating the most family-like setting for families involved in the foster care system, quality of parent & sibling visits will be much improved.

  “We’ve always known that we needed to do better for families. Michigan Fosters is taking a huge step towards making those changes happen. Parents who have kids in care need to feel like they have people on their side cheering them on.” Tiffany Kraker, Executive Director of Michigan Fosters said. “So, we’re creating a space to bridge the gap. Foster families in Ottawa County want to do more, and Journey Home will establish that foundation for closer relationships. It’ll be a safe stop for families who are on the foster care journey and a place of comfort to children as they journey home.”

  Journey Home started as a long-term goal. However, once the parsonage committee at Holland Heights Church heard of this, they decided to partner with Michigan Fosters, moving this far-out dream to now. Because of this, Michigan Fosters worked to fundraise and renovate the house. “We are thankful to have help in this renovation. Now that the work is completed, the real project begins: helping to transform the lives of children in foster care.” Kraker said. “We’ll need to call on our community again to help us fund the programming – I’m optimistic that we can get there!”

  Michigan Fosters serves the foster care community through several programs that reach families with children in care, foster parents, and Ottawa County agencies. Please contact for information on partnering.

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