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LNA - Staff BIPOC Listening Sessions




LNA - Staff BIPOC Listening Sessions

In the summer of 2020, the Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance (LNA) made several public commitments to advancing racial equity and justice in our community. One of these commitments is to listen to the needs and unique challenges that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) staff within local nonprofits face with the goal of using this feedback to create more inclusive workplaces and to help advance equitable policies, practices, and behaviors across the nonprofit sector. To accomplish this goal, LNA is partnering with Shannon Cohen, Inc. over the next several months to host these listening sessions with BIPOC difference makers that work for LNA-member nonprofits. LNA will not be participating in these listening sessions and will only be receiving aggregated information, without any individual identifiers, from Shannon Cohen, Inc.

Participation by BIPOC difference makers is optional, however, we want to ensure notification of this project and the invitation to participate is widely disseminated. Please note that participants will also be compensated for their time if taking part in these listening sessions. If you identify as a BIPOC nonprofit staff person with a desire to participate, we invite you to RSVP to Robin Lane ( to indicate your interest. If you work for an LNA Member nonprofit that employs BIPOC individuals, we invite you to share this message with them with the encouragement to consider participating.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to this cause and for helping to spread the word about this important work!

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