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Vander Meulen Builders Celebrates 100 Years of Home-Building in West Michigan

Vander Meulen Builders Celebrates 100 Years of Home-Building in West Michigan


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Vander Meulen Builders Celebrates 100 Years of Home-Building in West Michigan

The family-owned business has been building custom homes in the West Michigan lakeshore community since 1924.

HOLLAND, MICH. — Vander Meulen Builders, a local family-owned construction firm, celebrates its 100th Anniversary of building custom homes for the West Michigan lakeshore community. To mark the occasion, the company will hold a celebration on June 27.

Founded in 1924, Vander Meulen Builders is deeply engrained in the Holland community. The business has contributed significantly to the footprint of downtown Holland as well as the homebuilding and remodeling needs of the West Michigan region.

Aaron Vander Meulen, son of CEO Jack Vander Meulen, is a fourth-generation builder and currently the acting president of Vander Meulen Builders. “Our work is characterized by a dedication to quality, innovative solutions, and a collaborative approach,” said Vander Meulen. “We provide peace of mind for our clients, and when they call us back to work on other projects for them or their family or friends—that’s what matters.”

Local businesses and homeowners voiced their congratulations to Vander Meulen. David Wesselink bought a home on South Shore Drive in 1996, which was originally built for Carl Van Raalte in 1928 by CEO Jack’s grandfather.

Wesselink was pleasantly surprised to find that only the original slate roof and furnace required updates, which speaks to the attention to detail and craftsmanship provided by Vander Meulen Builders. “I hired Vander Meulen to build a new addition in 2003 that would be consistent with our Tudor-style house,” said Wesselink. “The best part about all these years of having them work on my house is that I found two very good friends in Jack and his wife, Brenda.”

Vander Meulen Builders' connection to the community spans generations.

“Vander Meulen Builders helped my mother transition my grandfather’s 1961 pharmacy to the Apothecary Gift Shop in 1999 as well as building my house in 2017,” said Jennifer Foley, manager of Holland’s Apothecary Gift Shop. “They care deeply about the people they build homes for. I remember when their president, Aaron, even showed up to my daughter’s birthday party with a cupcake while my family was temporarily living with my mom during construction! We were thrilled they would go the extra mile to make us feel connected and cared for.”

The Vander Meulen family has also spent the last century involving themselves in the betterment of the community. While Jack’s grandfather led the way as a charter member of the local Home Builders’ Association (HBA), Jack followed in his footsteps, serving multiple stints as president of the HBA. Jack presently serves on the Board of Directors for Jubilee Ministries, a non-profit organization that builds homes for the missing middle. Aaron works with the National HBA and is involved with the Michigan Association of Home Builders (MAHB) as well as our local tech center.

About Vander Meulen Builders

Founded in 1924, Vander Meulen Builders is a locally owned custom home builder and whole home remodeling company. The company serves the West Michigan community with innovative and high-quality craftsmanship, focusing on incorporating materials to build homes that reflect its owners’ personality and style.

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