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Pivotal Blueprint

Pivotal Blueprint

Pivotal Blueprint


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Barb Reimbold, Owner of Pivotal Blueprint, absolutes passion is empowering small and mid-sized business owners and leaders to help them achieve VISION, TRACTION® and HEALTHY.  When working together, getting everyone in your organization on the same page, achieving results with discipline and accountability towards that vision, and surrounding yourself with the right people for your unique organization, incredible things happen!

She brings 20+ years of experience in business transformation, strategic planning, and merger integration. Barb has worked with business leaders to coach them and their teams resulting in 20% growth in 3 years, the restructuring of a business to achieve 23% growth with fewer people, and another achieved profitability within 1 short year (after never being profitable), and successfully guiding leaders through merging highly competitive retailers in just 90 days.

By working together to strengthen the Six Key Components™ for your business, you become stronger, more focused, and more effective. If you’re tired of quick fixes and unresolved issues, working with Barb to implement a complete, proven system, with practical tools and proven processes will create real impact for you now and for years to come.


Barb lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband, three kids and three rescue dogs. She is an active member in the community and you can often find her speaking or presenting virtually on EOS and the benefits this system delivers to business leaders. 

If you’re looking to get everyone in your organization on the same page, so that you’re all surrounded by a collaborative team that is healthy, accountable and disciplined to achieve your vision, and much more, then connect with Barb to learn more about her approach. Call her at 616-914-4417 or email

Additional Info

Professional EOS Implementer

20+ years working with business leaders

Creating self-managing companies and self-managing teams

Helping leaders become better at Visions, Traction, Healthy

Lead Strategic Planning Sessions

Merged Cultures of competitive groups

Restructured Businesses to become profitable


Barb Reimbold, EOS Implementer, Owner of Pivotal Blueprint
EOS Session Room


Barb Reimbold, EOS Implementer, Owner of Pivotal Blueprint
Barb Reimbold

Business & Professional ServicesConsulting
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