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Legacy Leadership Consulting

Legacy Leadership Consulting


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70% of U.S. workers are disengaged at work. This costs US Business over $450 Billion annually in lost productivity, high turnover, and increased labor costs. At Legacy Leadership Consulting, we help leaders get the best out of their teams on every project. Our vision is a world full of leaders who recognize the amazing gifts that lie within each one of us and are fully equipped to facilitate the realization and manifestation of these gifts in the world. These leaders are able to inspire their teams to be more productive, more innovative, and ultimately more profitable. This is the essence of the Legacy Leader. The Legacy Leader is someone who cultivates resilience, facilitates excellence, and who creates systems that maximize the talents of the people that they lead in a way that is truly transformative. Our mission is to help our clients become Legacy Leaders. We help develop Leaders who cultivate environments that accelerate the growth of their people, engage them in a way that maximizes productivity, and build systems that sustain the transformation. Reach out and start the conversation of what we can do to help you re-engage your work force.


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