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SEKISUI KYDEX was named Carlisle Interconnect Technologies 2023 Outstanding Performance during this year's Supplier Award Ceremony

SEKISUI KYDEX was named Carlisle Interconnect Technologies 2023 Outstanding Performance during this year's Supplier Award Ceremony

Bloomsburg, PA, USA—March 26, 2024—SEKISUI KYDEX was graciously named Carlisle Interconnect Technologies 2023 Outstanding Performance during this year's Supplier Award Ceremony.

The Carlisle Interconnect Technologies Supplier Awards program was created to formally recognize its top-performing suppliers' dedication, hard work, and initiative. Based on their results from 2023, suppliers are recognized in four categories: Outstanding Performance, Continuous Improvement, Leading Innovator, and Sustainability Champion. The "Outstanding Performance" category is for the Carlisle Interconnect Technologies supplier with the best overall objective performance in each year. Some measured categories include On-Time Delivery (OTD) and Defects per Million Units (DPMU).

SEKISUI KYDEX is committed to ensuring its products are manufactured and transported with minimal defects and on time. They achieve this through their state-of-the-art Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) model. This model allows them to manufacture high-quality materials with short lead times in small quantities, making it possible to create bespoke products quickly and efficiently. Additionally, they hold their facilities to the highest standards for manufacturing operations and R&D facilities by going above and beyond best practices for their industry while maintaining ISO9001:2015.

The ISO 9001:2015 standard was established to ensure quality management in organizations. This standard aims to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer expectations and complying with relevant regulatory requirements. It has become an internationally recognized reference for quality requirements in business-to-business transactions. The ISO 9001:2015 standard is based on fundamental principles like customer focus, process approach, continual improvement, and mutually beneficial supplier relationships.

SEKISUI KYDEX's receipt of this award is a testament to its exceptional performance as the best-performing supplier for Carlisle Interconnect Technologies' Medical business in 2023. Their outstanding achievements, including a 99.1% On-Time Delivery (OTD) and minimal Defects per Million Units (DPMU), have significantly contributed to the growth of the Carlisle Interconnect Technologies thermoforming business. Jimmy Provenza, Director of Supplier Relations for Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, commends their performance, stating, “SEKISUI KYDEX OTD and Lead Time were the best across our supply base in San Diego, and their excellent performance has been a key driver for our business growth.”

About Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high-performance wire and cable, including optical fiber. Since its inception in 1940, the company has grown its product portfolio to include specialty and filtered connectors, contacts, integrated systems and cable assemblies, complex harnesses, racks, avionics trays, and installation kits. In addition to its vast product breadth, CarlisleIT provides customers with a higher level of support by offering engineering and certification services for the demanding environments of the commercial aerospace, military and defense electronics, industrial, test and measurement, and medical industries. For more information, please visit



SEKISUI KYDEX innovates and creates sustainable thermoplastic material solutions for the next generation of product design. SEKISUI Chemical’s corporate commitment to Speed, Service, and Superiority is realized through the KYDEX® Thermoplastics’ business model of manufacturing bespoke materials with short lead times in small quantities. This Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) model at three manufacturing campuses expands beyond thermoplastic sheet. The KYDEX® portfolio also includes injection molding resins, proprietary Infused Imaging™ technology, integral special effects, unique textures, and custom products and design. The SEKISUI KYDEX appLab™ and designLab® Innovation Centers are collaborative spaces for clients and customers to bring the supply chain together for rapid prototyping and design development. These spaces are the bridge between engineering and art. More than 300 dedicated professionals in Bloomsburg, PA, and Holland, MI, working with a global network of sales and distribution partners, are committed to delivering more than their customers can imagine. Visit for more information.


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