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The Future of Innovation | DISHER Design Series

The Future of Innovation | DISHER Design Series

DISHER invites you to join your local product design community to glean from experts, share design insights, and discuss innovation and product development trends. Whether you're a seasoned product development leader or an intern dipping your toes into human-centered design, join us for this great event with guest speaker Dan Chuparkoff, a technology leader at Google.

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Lakeshore Advantage as they embark on their mission to build the Next Center, that will serve as a beacon of innovation.

Event Summary:

There’s more ingenuity and innovation in the world today than ever before in the history of work. We’re on the cusp of amazing breakthroughs in every industry. But with this innovation, comes change. Lots of it. Many teams know they need to innovate – the problem is most of them are changing all the wrong stuff! In a world of constant change, teams must reinvent the way they learn, collaborate, & automate if they want to lead in their industry... regardless of what industry that is.

Today, Dan is a technology leader at Google where he helps teams to build software for billions of users. Before Google, he was a leader at world-renowned teams like McKinsey & Company and Atlassian. Dan spent the last three decades, hands-on, reinventing the way teams work. He's seen thousands of ideas, experiments, & failures. With this learning, he's built a framework for reinventing teams.

To thrive in the world today, teams must reinvent the way they work, at least as fast as the world is being reinvented around them. With the lessons in this talk, you will discover how to learn faster, decide faster, collaborate faster, & innovate faster.

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