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Wellness Co. looks to spread kindness, positivity through free gift card campaign

Wellness Co. looks to spread kindness, positivity through free gift card campaign

Wellness Co. looks to spread kindness, positivity through free gift card campaign

ZEELAND — At a time when society seems to put a premium on negativity, one Zeeland business is doing their part to spread positivity and kindness.

Wellness Co. serves Zeeland and the surrounding community as a integrative healing and wellness facility offering services including chiropractic work, massage, MedSpa and family practice care. Throughout the month of April, the practice is embarking on a campaign to spread kindness in the community.

It gave each team member a stack of gift cards, to Wellness Co. and Drip Coffee in Zeeland, that can be handed out randomly to patients. There’s a total of 150 gift cards to be handed out and it’s up to the staff to decide when to hand them out.

“It’s a ‘be a kind human’ campaign that we are doing,” said co-founder Dr. Kelsey Prince. “We are simply trying to spread random acts of kindness to people who come into Wellness Co. and hopefully make a positive impact on their day and hopefully have a ripple effect into the community.” 

Prince said the idea stems from a recent trip to a coffee shop when someone paid for her drink. While the purchase was just a few dollars, it got the wheels turning.

“That was pretty impactful, just to know that there are still good things going on in the world despite so much that's not so good,” she said. “Whether you are the person sharing the act or receiving it, it can be very impactful. The whole idea is to spread kindness and make someone’s day by reminding them that there is good in the world.”

Wellness Co. began serving the community in 2020. It expanded two years later, adding the MedSpa portion of the business. 

While the business impacts clients on a daily basis through their services, the new pay-it-forward campaign is meant to be a kindness starter, with it continuing after customers leave their appointment.

“We live in such a great community and I hope people take this and are inspired to pay it forward,” Prince said. “That ripple effect is a real thing and you can impact a lot of people. Our goal is simple, to spread kindness and remind people that there is still lots of good in our world.”

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